Avijit Saha

is one of the finest artist in Bangladesh, with a great passion for tattooing, he started his tattooing journey in 2016. He is the first ever certified Tattoo Artist by one of the renown tattoo school in Mumbai, India ( Alien’s Tattoo School)

His passion for tattooing is so infectious that people with no inclination to get inked go back with his art embedded in their body!

Choosing the best category for your
tattoo has never been this easy

Avijit Saha is the owner of InkPark Tattoo Studio, Dhaka. The passion towards creativity and to create something new brought him here with the idea of this tattoo shop. He completed his advanced level tattooing course for realism and hyperrealism tattoo from Alien’s Tattoo studio, Mumbai. The course was very effective for him where he learnt a lot of new techniques which made him experienced and confident in doing tattoos. Avijit Saha started his tattooing journey from 2016 and the journey is going on! He is one of the finest artists of Bangladesh who can satisfy your hunger for the art piece for sure!